Work With Me


We will be transforming the way you respond to life on a subconscious level as 100% of our habits and behaviors are programmed through our subconscious. You will be asked to address and release the root causes of your anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilty emotions so that your subconscious can release the old meanings of these 5 major negative emotions.

This will allow your subconscious to only retain the lessons from these root events and discard the negative emotion, tossing out your old emotional baggage and redefining your past to create the future you desire. Have you ever thought, “I wish I knew then what I know now.” This is your chance…

This is an opportunity to become the man you’re capable of becoming, to bridge the gap between where you are currently in your life and where you ultimately want to be and heal from the inside out.


Through this transformation, you will find happiness, fulfillment and the life you’ve envisioned for you and your family.


Working with Mr. Greer was a pleasure. He is patient and easy to talk to. I spent time working on my own character defects / flaws to better myself and my marriage. His program works if you want it to work and you put in the work to make it happen. Change takes time and effort. I can see the change in myself and my marriage slowly but surely.

Matthew G.

Portland, OR


Results you can expect from coaching through My Alpha Life

» Learn how to reprogram the language of your mind to consistently achieve your specific and desired outcomes.

» Discover & eliminate the limiting beliefs that have prevented you from achieving your goals and dreams.

» Overcome the barriers and limiting decisions that have kept you stuck in a rut.

» Improve your Health, Wealth, Faith and Relationships within 6 weeks or your money back!


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